Beautiful Christmas Table Décor Ideas You Must See

Family and friends all gathered around your beautiful Christmas table décor, dining, and sharing in all the joys of the season, is what we all imagine when the holiday season begins. It is where most of our fondest memories of laughter and conversation take place, and where we gather to share food that has been passed down from generation to generation. It is also how we carry on many traditions to younger family members. Although the food may be the purpose for your dining experience, you should not skimp on creating the perfect ambiance for your guests.

There are some fun and creative ways to make your Christmas table decorations come to life and make your guest eyes pop. And although some centerpieces may be a little more difficult to create, some are very easy to accomplish since they can be made out of just about anything in your Christmas table decorations; flowers, fruits, candies and even candles to name a few you can be creative and add your personal touch.

Pine cones, specific colored ornaments, pine tree branches, strands of beads, candy canes, fruit, poinsettias, or characters can all be a focal point for your Christmas table decorations.

Glass Jars


Fill with colored ornaments, floating candles or flowers on water, colored beads in a vase holding flowers up for display. A centerpiece like this can be created as a focal point on your Christmas table décor. You can use this on the center of your table throughout the entire holiday season. Figure out what you would like to use in your decoration by pulling an idea from the rest of your home decoration.

Cake Stands for Christmas Tables


Layer different size cake stands in the center of your table to create a buffet server look and decorate each layer with selective Christmas table décor; oranges with cloves inserted, pine branches, ornaments, pinecones, and layers of beautiful flowers. Cake stands can easily be a focal point for your Christmas table decorations.

Christmas Candles


Assemble a variety of different size candles in various size candle holders, purchase evergreens to layer around the candles, and line up candles the whole length of the table to surround your centerpiece. Find candle holders with several different layers to add depth to your design. If you are having family members attend dinner, you can choose to lay out a different candles for each member to spice up your Christmas table décor.

Christmas Table Candies


You can fill up glass jars with color coordinated candies like green and red milk chocolates, red and white candy canes glued to a cylinder to be a vase for some red roses, gumdrop topiaries as a centerpiece. Make a beautiful gingerbread house adorned with candy to put in the center of your table.

Think of ways to personalize your Christmas table décor for each by assigning seats. For friends, you can select to wrap up miniature presents with a decorative name tag to distinguish seats, or you can find some adorable place setting markers; like whimsical ornaments, snowman figurines, or miniature. Christmas trees that can all match your theme depending on what type of Christmas table decorations you may decide on for your home.


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