The Benefits of Detox Water and Recipe Ideas

Detox water is extremely beneficial for our bodies. We’re living in a society which exposes us to different noxious factors. Some of this polluting substances have a really bad influence over our metabolism and can generate some serious health issues if not taken care of. That’s when a detox will come in handy. A lot of people are “scared” about detox, thinking that it presumes a very complicated and costly treatment. This assumption is entirely false, and a diet based on detox drinks, will provide some amazing results. This detox treatment will help you boost your energy levels, loose weight more effectively and most important, help you get rid of all the toxins in your body: start your Detox at 54health

Fat Flush Detox Water


The detox water recipes are very simple to make, and you can get your own drink, using some very common ingredients. A drink based on grapefruit, is extremely helpful for your detox, and it will also ensure a faster weight loss. The minerals from the grapefruit, as well as the vitamins, are creating a highly nutritive water, which will help you improve your metabolism. If you don’t like the taste of plain grapefruit, you can sweeten it with honey.

Strawberry Infused Water


Strawberry water is another great detox drink, because this fruit is full of natural antioxidants and beneficial. More than that, the strawberry detox water tastes delicious, and most of the times, you don’t need to sweeten it at all. This type of water will also help you improve your overall mood, and to be more proactive. If you’re experiencing some unexplained states of fatigue, then the strawberry water will be extremely helpful for you. The beverage is ideal during hot summer days, when it can be consumed as a refreshment. The minerals will help you burn calories faster and it will bring you into a better mood.

Chia Detox Water


When you hear about detox water, you’re probably thinking about a beverage containing some juicy fruits or vegetables. This is not necessarily true, and a good detox drink can be achieved by using Chia seeds. Normally, this seeds are considered a super food and are extremely recommended by nutritionists from around the world. The Chia seeds are rich in Calcium and fibers, which will strengthen your bones and also help you curve your appetite. If you put the seeds into water, they will release all the nutritive substances into the liquid, creating a great detox drink. If the water tastes a little weird for you, you can add some lemon in the composition.

Citrus Water


This is a more random type of detox water, in which you are free to use a wider range of ingredients. The main ingredient though, must be based on citrus. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from oranges to grapefruits, tangerines or even limes. After that, you should add some cucumber slices and some mint leaves. The taste of the water will be amazing and you will instantly feel its beneficial effects. The vitamin C, combined with the calcium, potassium, lycopene and even phosphorus, will improve your general mood, make you feel lighter and also curve your appetite.


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